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Meeting room chairs

Enhance your meeting room in Dubai with our premium selection of meeting room chairs. Designed to combine comfort and style, our chairs are the perfect choice for professional environments. Whether you’re hosting important client meetings or conducting team collaborations, our chairs offer superior comfort and support for extended periods of sitting. With a range of customizable options, including various upholstery materials, colors, and designs, you can create a meeting room that reflects your company’s image and enhances productivity. Make a lasting impression with our meeting room chairs in Dubai.

Meeting chair with A multilock mechanism allows users to adjust the chair's recline and lock it in place for added comfort

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  • Luxury Conference meeting chair

    Udine meeting

    Experience the pinnacle of luxury and comfort in your meeting space with our exquisite Luxury Modern Meeting Room Chair. Designed to impress and provide unrivaled comfort, this chair effortlessly combines opulence with functionality.

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  • modern meeting room chair

    Echo meeting

    Discover comfort and functionality in our innovative rotatable office meeting chair. Designed with a low back and seamlessly integrated arms, it offers optimal support. The swiveling leg enhances mobility, while the sturdy metal base ensures stability. Upholstered in fabric for both comfort and easy maintenance, this chair is perfect for various settings. Experience a blend of modern design and practicality in this remarkable addition to your space.

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  • mid back meeting chair

    Carletto Mid Back

    Elevate your conference room experience with our ergonomic meeting chair, featuring a mid-back design, cushioned seat and backrest upholstered in high-quality material, and molded high-density foam to ensure unparalleled comfort and support. The addition of fixed leather-upholstered arms, a stable four-star base, and a swivel function transforms this chair into a practical and stylish asset for contemporary workspaces.

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  • Gray modern meetign room chair


    Discover modern comfort with our sleek armchair featuring a low back design and metal rotatable leg on wheels. This stylish piece effortlessly combines form and function, offering both contemporary elegance and mobility. Elevate your space with this chic and versatile armchair that’s designed to enhance your modern interior.

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  • armchair, characterized by a striking geometric design that effortlessly merges art and functionality.

    Florence meeting

    Introducing our geometry-designed rotatable office chair with wheels for meetings – a versatile addition to any workspace. With a metal leg and comfortable armrests, this chair combines flexibility and support for efficient work.

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  • White balance meeting

    Balance meeting

    Introducing our new office armchair with wheels for meetings – a stylish blend of design and function. Featuring a rotatable leg and chrome metal base, it offers durability and stability.

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  • compact meeting chair on wheels

    Nest meeting

    Introducing Nest meeting with wheels for meetings – combining comfort and style in a sleek design. With a low back and curved arms, it offers exceptional lumbar support and contemporary aesthetics for any home or office.

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  • chair, characterized by a rotatable wooden leg base and a curved seat

    Dynamic meeting

    Introducing our versatile office chair – now equipped with wheels for meetings, merging comfort and style in a unique design. With a rotatable wooden leg base, curved seat, and supportive backrest, it’s the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics for your workspace.

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  • Experience unparalleled relaxation in our lounge armchair, crafted for both aesthetics and comfort.

    Parisyo meeting

    Experience elevated comfort and design sophistication with our Lounge Armchair – now equipped with wheels for meetings on the go. Crafted from a durable steel shell structure molded in cold-cure polyurethane foam, this chair combines lasting elegance with ergonomic innovation.

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  • KIANA meeting armchair

    Kiana meeting

    Introducing our modern armchair with a curved rounded seat, now with the added convenience of wheels for meetings and mobility. Crafted with a sturdy metal leg and a uniquely designed curved seat, this chair offers comfort, style, and versatility for both relaxation and professional engagements.

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  • felixia meeting

    Felixia meeting

    Discover our elegant armchair, seamlessly combining classic style and comfort. Ideal for meetings and tasks, its integrated backrest and arms offer support, while its smooth surface ensures coziness. With durable wooden legs and a versatile design, it’s perfect for any space.

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  • 3 Anna office meeting chairs

    Anna meeting

    Discover the convenience of our modern office chair on wheels, designed for comfort and mobility during meetings and tasks. Enjoy ergonomic support and easy movement in any workspace.

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  • Ergonomic office meeting chair on wheels, designed for long hours of comfortable discussions.


    Crafted with high-quality thickened steel pipes, this chair ensures excellent load-bearing capacity and durability. The large cushion filled with high-density rebound sponge guarantees supreme comfort even after prolonged use.

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  • conference meeting chair with designer arms


    Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style with our Meeting Room Chair. Designed with a mid-height back, this chair offers optimal support for productive meetings and discussions. With its modern design and smooth-rolling wheels, it effortlessly combines functionality and elegance. Choose between fixed or adjustable arms, as showcased in the product photos, to cater to individual preferences. Crafted with attention to detail, this chair ensures long-lasting durability and comfort, making it an ideal addition to any meeting room. Elevate your workspace with this versatile and stylish chair that enhances collaboration and productivity.

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  • Meeting chair with A multilock mechanism allows users to adjust the chair's recline and lock it in place for added comfort

    Camilot Conference

    Experience the epitome of comfort and style. Designed with your utmost satisfaction in mind, this chair boasts an upholstered seat and back, featuring moulded high-density foam that conforms to your body shape for unparalleled support. The fixed aluminium arms provide stability and enhance your overall sitting experience.

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  • Tall drafting office chair with adjustable height and footrest


    Introducing our comfortable and compact office chair with a sleek design. The chair features a sturdy metal leg and five smooth-rolling wheels for easy maneuverability. The arms are upholstered with the same soft fabric as the backrest, providing a comfortable and stylish seating experience. With a lower armrest height and compact design, this chair is perfect for smaller workspaces without sacrificing comfort or style.

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  • Rolling office chair with smooth movement for easy mobility


    Buy our sleek and sophisticated egg-shaped office chair, specially crafted to elevate the look and feel of any workspace. With a high, curved back that provides maximum comfort and support, this chair is designed for extended periods of use.

    The adjustable metal leg and five wheels make it effortless to move the chair around your workspace, while the plush fabric upholstery adds an air of luxury and elegance to the overall design.

    Whether you work from home or in an office, this chair will enhance your productivity and professionalism. Upgrade your workspace with this stunning egg-shaped office chair and experience comfort, style, and sophistication like never before.

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  • Simple task office chair with basic support


    Get our comfortable office chair, designed to provide support and mobility during your workday. With its sturdy metal leg and five smooth-rolling wheels, this chair is both durable and easy to move around your workspace.

    The compact design of this chair makes it a great choice for smaller offices or workspaces. The arms are made of the same soft fabric material as the back, adding extra comfort and support for your arms and shoulders.

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  • Petite office chair with smaller dimensions for petite individuals


    Introducing our comfortable office chair with a sleek design that will upgrade your workspace instantly. With a sturdy metal leg and five smooth-rolling wheels, this chair provides both stability and mobility.

    The unique design of the arms, which are an extension of the curved backrest, offers a comfortable and supportive experience for your arms and shoulders. The soft fabric backrest and seat provide maximum comfort, allowing you to focus on your work.

    Upgrade your office space with this stylish and comfortable chair that offers both form and function.

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  • Tall back comfortable office chair


    Upgrade your workspace with our sleek egg-shaped office chair. It features a high curved back, adjustable metal leg, five wheels, and plush fabric upholstery. Experience comfort, style, and sophistication in one seating option.

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  • Lightweight mesh office chair with breathable, flexible design


    A swivel ergonomic office chair with a curved mesh back and seat for comfortable and breathable sitting.

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  • White modern meeting room offcie chair with metal arms


    Upgrade your meeting room with our comfortable and sleek conference chair, featuring a low back design, upholstered seat and back, moulded high-density foam, fixed metal arms, swivel and adjustable features.

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  • Stylish leather meeting room chair with arms

    Carletto Low Back

    Our conference meeting room chair boasts a low back design, upholstered seat and back, and moulded high-density foam for optimal comfort and support. Fixed upholstered leather arms, a four-star base, and swivel feature make it a practical addition to any modern workspace.

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  • Blue home offcie chair on wheels

    Wheelhouse Chair

    The Wheelhouse Chair is a perfect seating solution for any home office or workspace. Its rounded back provides comfort and support, while the blue seat adds a pop of color to your environment. The wheels on the base make it easy to move around your workspace, allowing you to work from any angle with ease. Whether you’re looking for a functional chair for your office or just a comfortable seat for your home, the Wheelhouse Chair is the ideal choice.

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  • Modern office chair in black


    The SleekLine Seat office chair boasts a modern design with its mesh back and curved lines for comfort. It features wheels for easy movement and adds both style and comfort to any workspace. The perfect choice for long hours at the desk or meetings

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Meeting room chairs in Dubai UAE

Elevate the ambiance of your Dubai meeting room with our handpicked assortment of top-tier meeting room chairs. These chairs are meticulously crafted to harmoniously unite comfort and style, making them an impeccable addition to any professional setting. Whether you’re orchestrating crucial client meetings or fostering team collaborations, our chairs stand as a testament to unparalleled comfort and unwavering support, even during extended seating sessions.

Our array of customizable options empowers you to shape your meeting room to perfection, offering an array of upholstery materials, colors, and designs that can be tailored to mirror your company’s ethos while optimizing productivity. Through our meeting room chairs, leave an indelible mark that exudes sophistication and professionalism in every aspect of your corporate space.

Reimagine the essence of productive gatherings with our exquisite meeting room chairs, seamlessly fusing style and functionality. As your participants revel in comfort and your room resonates with your brand’s identity, you’re fostering an atmosphere of innovation and success. Redefine your meeting room’s allure with our exceptional chairs, and make every interaction a memorable one in Dubai.

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