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Discover the perfect office armchair for your workspace at our office furniture store. We offer a wide selection of high-quality armchairs designed to provide both comfort and style. Whether you need a luxurious executive armchair or a functional and ergonomic option, we have the ideal seating solution to enhance your office environment.

At our office furniture store in Dubai, we are dedicated to providing you with top-notch products and outstanding customer service. Visit us today and explore our collection of office armchairs to find the perfect seating solution for your workspace. Upgrade your office with style, comfort, and functionality—choose our office armchairs for an elevated work experience.

Parisyo lounge chair

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  • rotatable chair


    Upgrade your workspace with our comfortable office armchair. Featuring a curved back and armrests that provide exceptional lumbar support, this chair is both stylish and practical. With a rotatable metal leg base and fabric upholstery, it’s the perfect choice for those who value comfort and durability.

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  • Parisyo lounge chair


    Discover ultimate comfort and style with our Lounge Armchair. Its steel shell structure, crafted in cold-cure polyurethane foam, promises durability. Enjoy customized softness with a center that’s luxuriously plush and sides that ensure perfect upholstery. Plus, wood slats underneath make fabric attachment a breeze. Upgrade your lounging with this fusion of design and comfort.

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  • Egg shaped chair with Plush seating for ultimate relaxation.


    The lounge chair features a cute egg-shaped design with comfortable armrests and a curved backrest for excellent lumbar support. The chair’s rotatable metal leg base is sturdy and versatile, and the high-quality fabric upholstery provides a soft and comfortable seating experience. This chair is the perfect choice for anyone looking to add a touch of style and comfort to their living space.

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  • Main geometry design chair


    Buy a rotatable office chair without wheels features a modern geometry design that adds elegance to your workspace. This chair offers maximum comfort and flexibility with its metal leg, fabric upholstery, and armrests. Its complete rotation allows for easy movement in any direction. Upgrade your workspace with this stylish and functional addition.

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  • Minimalist office chair with simple and understated appearance


    Our rotatable armchair features a low back and arms that continue seamlessly from the backrest for optimal support. The rotatable leg and stable metal legs offer easy movement and a sturdy base, while the fabric upholstery ensures comfort and easy maintenance. With no wheels, it’s a practical addition to any home or office space.

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  • Drafting stool with adjustable height and footrest


    Our sleek and stylish office armchair is designed to provide comfort and support during extended periods of sitting. Featuring a rotatable leg and chrome metal base, this armchair is durable and stable. With a curved backrest, level armrests and soft seat cushion, this armchair is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and stylish seating option in their workspace.

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  • comfortable leg on rotatable leg


    Discover our armchair with a steel shell structure and cold-cure polyurethane foam, ensuring both durability and comfort. Its unique design allows for effortless fabric securing under the shell, combining functionality with sleek aesthetics.

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  • Main chair on metal legs


    Our simple armchair offers classic style and comfort with a seamless design that blends effortlessly into any room. The wooden legs provide a sturdy base while the curved seat and backrest offer exceptional support. Perfect for relaxing with a good book or unwinding after a long day.

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  • Elevate your comfort with an armchair featuring gracefully rounded lines on its elegantly tapered legs


    Our versatile office chair features a wide, comfortable seat with adjustable height, leather or fabric upholstery, and five wheels for easy mobility. Ideal for both home offices and conference rooms, this chair provides comfort and style for extended periods of use.

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  • Kiana chair


    This modern armchair boasts a curved rounded seat design and a sturdy metal leg for durability. The rotatable leg feature adds a convenient touch, allowing you to easily adjust your seating position. The unique seat design provides exceptional comfort and support, making it the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day. Whether you’re watching TV or reading a book, this armchair is a stylish and functional choice for any living space.

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  • nest chair


    This is a modern comfortable Rotatable Chair. With a low back and curved arms, it provides excellent lumbar support and easy maneuverability. The durable and breathable fabric seat is easy to maintain, while the sturdy metal base adds stability. Ideal for smaller spaces or as an extra seating option, this chair is a must-have for any modern home or office.

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  • Guest chair with metal leg frame and classic design


    This is a simple office armchair with a soft seat and 4 metal legs. Its design is inspired by geometry.

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  • Elegant modern design chair, plush cushioning, ergonomic support


    Our office chair combines style and function in a unique and comfortable design. With a rotatable wooden leg base and curved seat with small borders for added support, this chair is perfect for extended periods of sitting. The curved backrest and fabric upholstery provide excellent lumbar support and comfort. This chair is an ideal choice for those seeking a stylish and comfortable seating option in their workspace.

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  • Londinium armchair image


    This luxury armchair boasts a middle level back and plump armrests for added comfort. The interesting design of the armchair legs adds a touch of uniqueness to any room. It comes with wooden legs and is available in both leather and fabric upholstery options.

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  • Lounge chair with an ottoman


    Upgrade your workspace with our rotatable office chair. The chair features a fabric upholstery, metal leg, and high back for added support. With complete rotation and arms for added comfort, this chair provides flexibility for easy movement.

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  • Guest chair with curved back and supportive arms


    Elevate your relaxation experience with this creatively designed lounge armchair. Its high back and curved shape offer ultimate comfort, while the roratatable metal leg provides mobility. The acoustic sound protection adds a touch of sophistication. Wrapped in fabric upholstery, this armchair is both stylish and functional.

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  • Elevate your comfort with an armchair featuring gracefully rounded lines on its elegantly tapered legs

    Anna Lounge

    Elevate your space with our Lounge Armchair featuring a High Back and your choice of wooden or metal legs. Enjoy unrivaled comfort and style, and for added versatility, opt for rotatable legs. Create a luxurious retreat that exudes both modernity and timeless charm.

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  • Embrace sleek style and relaxation with our modern armchair, a perfect addition to any room.

    Eva lounge

    This lounge armchair is designed to provide the ultimate comfort experience. With its plush seat and high, curved back, it offers excellent support for your back and neck. The wooden legs add a natural touch to the design, while the arms continue the curved back for added comfort. Whether you’re looking to read a book or simply relax after a long day, this armchair is the perfect choice.

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  • sofia lounge chair

    Sofia lounge

    The lounge chair boasts a stylish geometry design with a high back that provides additional sound protection. The chair’s rotatable metal leg base is sturdy and versatile, while the comfortable armrests and curved backrest ensure excellent lumbar support. Upholstered in high-quality fabric, this chair is perfect for creating a private and peaceful space to relax and unwind. Upgrade your living space today with our new lounge chair.

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  • Main egg-shaped lounge chair

    Princess Lounge

    Experience ultimate comfort and style with our lounge office chair. The egg-shaped design, combined with fabric and leather upholstery options, offers a luxurious seating experience. With arms for added support and a very high curved back, this chair provides exceptional comfort and relaxation. The rotatable feature and metal leg provide ease of movement and durability. Elevate your workspace with this sleek and modern lounge office chair.

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  • armchair, offering both comfort and aesthetics.

    Eliyo lounge

    This high back lounge armchair comes with comfortable arms and a headrest cushion. It has a classic design with four sturdy wooden legs and is upholstered in soft fabric.

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  • rotatable armchair


    Discover modern comfort and style with our round shape rotatable armchair on sleek metal legs. Effortlessly swivel and relax in this chic and functional piece that adds a touch of contemporary elegance to any room. Perfect for compact spaces, its plush cushioned seat and unique design create a cozy seating experience that’s both versatile and visually appealing.

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Office Armchairs in Dubai UAE

Experience ultimate comfort and style in your workspace with our range of premium office armchairs, exclusively available at our office furniture store in Dubai UAE. Our extensive selection caters to all your needs, from the pinnacle of luxury in executive armchairs to the seamless blend of functionality and ergonomics in our diverse range.

Elevate your office environment with our meticulously crafted armchairs that redefine the concept of both comfort and aesthetics. Our commitment extends beyond just offering remarkable products – exceptional customer service is at the heart of our ethos.

Step into our office furniture store and immerse yourself in a world where quality meets innovation. Explore our curated collection of office armchairs, each meticulously designed to enhance your workspace’s efficiency and elegance. Whether it’s the grandeur of executive seating or the efficiency of ergonomic design, we have the perfect chair to suit your needs.

Embrace a new level of office sophistication as you choose from our range, ensuring that your workspace becomes an embodiment of style, functionality, and utmost comfort. Make the wise choice by opting for our office armchairs – your journey to a more productive and refined workspace starts here.

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