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Privacy chairs & Meeting booths

Enhance privacy and concentration in your office space with our exclusive selection of privacy lounge chairs and meeting booths, available at our office furniture store in Dubai. Designed with the utmost consideration for individual focus and comfort, our privacy chairs create secluded and secluded work areas within your office.

Experience the benefits of enhanced concentration and privacy with our exceptional privacy chairs. Visit our office furniture store in Dubai today to explore our wide range of options and find the perfect seating solution for your workspace. Elevate productivity and comfort—choose our privacy chairs for a truly focused and personalized work experience. 

Privacy office booth with a small desk

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  • Privacy office booth with a small desk

    Meeting booth A690

    Get better meetings in your office with our Meeting Booth. It’s a quiet and comfy space. It looks nice and fits anywhere. You can make it just how you like it.

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  • Sound proof office meeting booth

    Meeting booth A493

    Make your office better with our meeting booth. It’s a private space for meetings and quiet work. You’ll like it because it’s quiet, comfy, looks good, fits anywhere, and you can add things like video equipment.

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  • Privacy sofa seat with high back and sides for sound proofing

    Meeting booth A615

    Two-Seat Privacy Lounge – a stylish solution for a quieter, elegant environment.

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  • poppea plus privacy chair

    Poppea plus

    Get comfort in your busy workspace with our privacy office chair. Built with a strong steel frame, cozy molded foam seat, soft fabric cover, and a modern shiny wire base, this chair is your personal spot for focused work in a bustling environment. Simple, sturdy, and snug – the perfect chair for serious work.

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  • Office privacy chair with integrated tablet or laptop stand


    Introducing our innovative swivel privacy lounge chair designed for ultimate comfort and productivity in the office. With a built-in table desk, this chair is perfect for multitasking and staying organized throughout the workday. The high back and sides provide a quiet and private workspace, while the swivel feature allows for easy movement and flexibility.

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  • privacy booth with 2 benches


    This privacy lounge chair is the perfect addition to any office or public space where private conversations or focused work is required. With a curved back design that provides exceptional support and comfort, this chair is sure to become a favorite among your staff or clients. The two-seater space allows for both solo work or private discussions with a colleague. The modern design of the chair adds an extra touch of sophistication to any space, while the high-quality materials and construction ensure that it will last for years to come. Whether you’re looking to create a quiet work area, a private meeting space, or simply a comfortable spot to relax during a break, this modern privacy lounge chair is the ideal choice.

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  • Partitioned privacy lounge 2 seater chair


    Modern privacy 2 seater chair with high sides and back for private talks and working in a calm environment. Straight-line design on legs.

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Buy Privacy lounge chairs in Dubai

Elevate the levels of privacy and focus within your office setting by exploring our exclusive assortment of privacy lounge chairs, conveniently accessible at our Dubai office furniture store. Crafted with meticulous attention to individual comfort and concentration, our privacy chairs seamlessly carve out secluded work zones within your workspace.

Immerse yourself in the advantages of heightened focus and enhanced privacy through our exceptional range of privacy chairs. Take a step towards this enriched work experience by visiting our Dubai office furniture store, where a diverse array of options awaits your discovery. Opt for our privacy chairs to unlock an elevated blend of productivity and comfort, ensuring a workspace tailored to your unique needs.

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