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  • Luxury modern sofa with stitched cushions

    Artisanal Sofa

    This luxury modern sofa is the epitome of sophistication and style, with its meticulously crafted stitched cushions and sleek design. Perfect for any contemporary living space, it offers both comfort and elegance in equal measure.

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  • Luxury modern sofa with wide arms

    Refined Ridge

    A sofa, featuring an exquisite handcrafted capitonné workmanship and timeless lines that exude aristocratic elegance. This rigorously designed sofa is sure to enhance your living room with its refined aesthetic and unparalleled comfort.

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  • Designer sofa on legs

    Serenity Long

    This sofa features a sleek and modern design with clean lines and plush cushioning. Its high-quality materials and sturdy construction provide both comfort and durability. With its understated elegance and comfortable seating experience, this sofa is a perfect addition to any modern living space.

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  • main curved claso sofa

    Claso Curve

    Introducing the sleek and stylish Claso Curve Sofa. With its curved shape, slim back, and arms, this modern masterpiece is designed to make a statement in any living space. Offering ample seating and ultimate comfort, it’s the perfect choice for lounging and entertaining. Elevate your home with the chic and contemporary appeal of the Curva 3-Seater Sofa.

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  • curved couch sofa

    Asym Curve Sofa

    The Asym Curve Sofa is a playful and dynamic piece of furniture that adds character and charm to any space. With its curved kidney bean shape and asymmetrical back, this sofa is a must-have for those seeking a unique design. The bluish-grey upholstery fabric is soft and inviting, and the four cone-shaped black legs provide a sleek base. Overall, the Asym Curve Sofa is both practical and stylish, and is perfect for a modern living room or cozy home office.

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  • 3 seater brown reddish leather sofa on metal legs

    Luxe Trio sofa

    The Luxe Trio Sofa offers a perfect blend of comfort, style and functionality with its 3-seater leather upholstery and metal legs. Ideal for relaxation and entertaining.

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